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Rin and The Dragon Duece by ShadedVision

This is a wonderful style, and such a tough color to work in, executed beautifully. The lines, simple, bold, but held together in a dee...



Female Predator Captain by Harley-1979
Female Predator Captain
Yet another attempt on trying to dial in the look of a Female Predator. I've always tried to give a heavy, thick, athletic look, as apposed to the pin-up style that some people have experimented with. It's still far from 100%, but I think I'm getting that "faster, stronger, and heavier built" look down
Pixie and Toothless by Harley-1979
Pixie and Toothless
*Hot off the Presses* Two days of pencil, pen, and color, I polished this one off pretty quick. My GF, Pixie gives Toothless a kiss on the nose, and he doesn't know what to make of it...
Joes of '82 and '83 by Harley-1979
Joes of '82 and '83
*Hot Off the Presses* and I promise my last G.I. Joe study. Joes of 82 and 83 including such big names like Scarlett, and Snake Eyes (the original Commando version, not the stupid ninja) but also some more obscure characters that were my favorites. Cover Girl because I loved her back story, Doc because he didn't come with weapons, and Grunt because he wasn't a specialist, just an infantry soldier. Had a blast drawing these. Now on to the next project...
Gung Ho (Dress Blues) by Harley-1979
Gung Ho (Dress Blues)
Okay, so I lied. I'm doing more than one G.I. Joe piece. One of my favorite figures in the 80's line was the 2nd version of Gung Ho in his Marine Dress Blues. The pose is similar to the card art, but I put him head-on as apposed to the quarter stance he was portrayed. Had a lot of fun studying Marine dress and medals


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hey gang, the name's Harley, and I like to draw. I've been scribbling since the day the Challenger Space Shuttle exploded, and I've never looked back. I fancy myself as a traditional American comic book style artist. Give me a buzz, bell or tinkle if you have any hip ideas, or wanna' team up...Cheers
Just an update as I know I have a few requests, and expectations from some of you dudes out there.  The New England blizzard has my home state of Connecticut rather crippled, and today, as if things weren't bad enough, we have an ice storm baring down on us.

So I've spent the last 4 days on snow removal and dodging plows that come flying down my road.

I can't stand up straight, I can't feel my right elbow, and I am in desperate need of a PIZZA.

So I'm getting back on the ball today to get some of these projects out to you...


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